Curamoria Experience

    Curamoria Collection captures the ideas of artists wanting to share more than exceptional services: unique experiences designed for those looking to be captivated.

    • Taking place in unique locations, each destination provides an experience that goes beyond the room.

    • We highlight the originality and Unique Vibe of each experience.

    • Curamoria Collection seeks to highlight the craftwork and cultural identity.

    • Architecture:

      Boutique hotels where you can contemplate the beauty that has been created by the finest handcrafted work, highlighting each of the intimate spaces, with the purpose of being unconventional.

    • Curamoria Host:

      Every detail is focused on a stimulating experience, from being a transportation facilitator, offering recommendations on the best local happenings, and customizing each service to create your own story.

    • Restaurants and bars:

      We promote what we love and love authenticity, we find creativity in every experience that envelops a constant commitment to innovation in gastronomy and mixology.

    Curamoria Collection
    Intimate spaces, Boutique hotels that highlight the taste for the extraordinary; where the art, culture, gastronomy, and stories envelop unique experiences that detonate your senses.


    Náay Tulum Curamoria Collection.
    An experience that trascends the room and happens in unique places.

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    Ilo Rojo San Miguel de Allende Curamoria Collection.

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    Casa de la Marquesa Curamoria Collection

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    Dos Patios Querétaro Curamoria Collection

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    Pug Seal Polanco Anatole France Curamoria Collection

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    Huayacán Cuernavaca Curamoria Collection

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